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TWD – Tart Tatin January 6, 2010

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This is my first TWD blog! I am so happy that I joined this group. I got her cookbook about two years ago, and I certainly haven’t done it justice thus far. I plan on doing three of the four challenges this month – I’ll probably opt out of the Scherben and do the rest.

This week I did the Tarte Tatin. I used Dorie’s “Good for Almost Anything Pie Dough”. I made it a day ahead to give adequate chilling time. This was a simple dough to make, and very tasty as well. I have never used a food processor to make pastry dough, and I can see myself using this method and recipe many times over. Dough making in process:

Almost done:

Ready to Chill:

Rolled out the next day:

I decided to use four golden delicious apples and four gala apples. I typically don’t choose these for eating, but they work nice in pies and other baked goods. I also used a cast iron skillet! My husband and I just bought this a few months ago, so I love getting good use out of it. Here are some more pics of the tarte construction and the finished product. I will say that flipping it out of the heavy skillet was a difficult chore, but luckily my husband was there to help!


Butter and sugar in skillet:

Adding the apples:

Covered in the oven:

Out of the oven:


Typically when I bake I send the finished product to work with my husband for feedback. This time it was no exception. The few bites I tasted while dividing it up were delicious 🙂 I was a bad baker though and failed to read Dorie’s instructions to serve within an hour. My husband told me that when he brought the tarte to work the following day it was gray and soggy. So, he sacrificed the tarte to the trash can in order to spare my dignity as a baker. He knows that I refuse to serve anything that I’m not proud of. Good job Joe! Oh well, it was fun and it definitely introduced me to a fantastic new pastry dough that I can’t wait to try out again.

I look forward to using Dorie’s book again, and this time I will definitely be reading the storage directions BEFORE I actually bake!


4 Responses to “TWD – Tart Tatin”

  1. Leslie Says:

    So beautiful! Using a variety of apples is a great idea. This one was definitely one that didn’t save well. Good thing the hubs was guarding your baking reputation! Welcome to TWD!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Welcome to TWD. It IS a great group to bake with.

    Your tarte looks wonderful. Sorry you didn’t get to serve it. You will have to make it again.

  3. Elina Says:

    Thanks for your super sweet comment. I also cook all the time, so I’m super nervous about not having a kitchen but it will definitely be worth it at the end! Did you watch my video tour? Yep, white cabinets are not good at all and white laminate counters are even worse!! Anyway, glad you were able to enjoy a treadmill run and I’m sorry to hear your pie went to trash. I probably would have brought it back home and enjoyed it all mushy. I bet it would have still been delicious toasted up and served with some froyo. 😀

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