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Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies January 19, 2010

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Chocolate chip cookies are probably my favorite to make. I love them because there are SO many variations and I also just love how gooey and melty they are right out of the oven. I absolutely hate crunchy cookies – and I have been known to throw cookies away that are overdone 🙂 So, I’m sharing my process of chocolate chip cookie making. It is perfect! The cookies are crunchy around the edges, doughy and almost underdone in the middle. I think that I like eating dough more than cookies, so underdone is the way to go.

I use this recipe as my base – I have made a few adjustments depending on the variation that I am making. I originally got it from the Best New Recipe cookbook, but I tend to bookmark recipes online for easier access when available. This weekend I was taste testing a few variations on a Heath Bar Milk Chocolate Chip variety. I didn’t photograph the process of batch one, but here is the finished product:

And here’s a view of all the wonderful Heath Bars!!!

Well, for batch two I took pics of the whole process.

1. Unwrap and chop up about 5 oz. of Heath Bars – big chunks are awesome
2. Measure about 1 cup milk chocolate chips (I like Ghirardelli)
3.  Place both in a ziplock bag
4. Add 2 Tbsp flour to the bag and mix. I find that this helps when I fold them in later 🙂

5. I get out all of my ingredients and measure them – called Mise en Place. Having everything ready helps make sure no ingredients are left out, and makes the mixing part way easier/faster. This includes whisking together dry ingredients (flour, baking powder, salt – see small metal bowl below)

Ingredients out:


6. Cream together the melted butter and sugars in an electric mixer with the paddle attachment. Don’t be afraid of overbeating. The better the fat and sugar are mixed, the smoother the cookies (when not creamed, the cookies can get holey)

**Make sure to scrape down the sides of the bowl and the paddle between all steps! Try to scrape all the way to the bottom of the bowl because sometimes the butter and sugar stick to the bottom and you want to make sure everything gets incorporated together.

Perfectly creamed:

7. Add the eggs and beat again – until you add dry ingredients, you won’t risk ruining the dough by overmixing.

Perfectly mixed – note the lighter color

8. Add in your extract and mix again – you can vary from vanilla depending on the type of cookies you are making

Mixed and ready for dry ingredients:

9. Add in your dry ingredients. I like to use 2 additions for this recipe (or else I end up with flour all over the kitchen). But BE CAREFUL! Over mixing = bad cookies at this point. As soon as I see the flour disappear I shut off the mixer. Then I add the 2nd addition and follow the same procedure.

Just about done!

10. I hand fold in my mix-ins. This helps prevent overmixing the dough, breaking up the mixins, etc. (Especially with M&M’s because their color sometimes bleeds and hand mixing and the earlier coating of flour help this)

Folding in:


11. I like to chill my dough for about 30 min (not much more). It makes the dough easier to work with. So I typically wrap it in some plastic wrap so I can do all of the dishes while its chilling. At this point I preheat my oven to 325. No need to do it earlier since I am chilling the dough for a few.

Sawyer leads such a rough life while I bake cookies…

12. Once the dough is chilled and dishes are done, WEIGH THE DOUGH BALL!
***Super important step, not to be skipped. The perfect cookies are all about about the same size so they bake evenly.

13. I know this recipe makes about 18 cookies, so I divide their total weight (in grams) by 18 and got ~66 grams/cookie. Then I weigh out the dough and make 18 same weight cookies. I like to bake these 6 per sheet – lined with parchment so the don’t stick.

14. These cookies usually take 14-16 minutes in my oven. I put them in for 7 minutes to start and turn the pan for another 7 minutes. Then i gauge how the cookies look and add 1 minute at a time until they look right.

Half-way point – I just want to eat that dough:

After ~14-16 minutes – just starting to brown a little bit around the edges, still looking a little underdone. Don’t worry, just let them cool on the pan for 7 minutes (until I turn the next tray) so they have a little residual baking on the pan. At the 7 minute mark I remove them from the pan and place them on a cooling rack (or eat one 😉 ).

Right out of the oven:

After cooling on the pan for 7 min – notice they’ve sunk down a little bit:

Best chocolate chippers ever!!!  Enjoy and happy baking 🙂

TWD post tomorrow – Oatmeal Almost Candy Bars

Any other tips for perfect cookies? I’m always looking for new suggestions.


2 Responses to “Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies”

  1. tianne Says:

    oh my – heath bars – that cookie looks so chewy even thru the screen!

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