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TWD – Oatmeal Chocolate Almost Candy Bars January 19, 2010

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I found these bars to be super easy, and quite delicious. The school I teach at has a bake sale every Friday for their choir and I saved half of the pan in the freezer to donate to the bake sale. I’m sure the kids will gobble them up. I’m actually quite known around my school as the baker, so the kids will definitely buy the cookies if they know I made them πŸ™‚

Here are a few pics of the process, along with the finished product. I cut the bars into 16 rectangles and then cut each rectangle in half diagonally to make triangles. I really like the way they look. Β The only other thing I did different from Dorie’s recipe was line my 9×13 with parchment. I always do this, as I think it makes removing the bars from the pan a million times easier and you don’t get that “first bar” that crumbles and breaks, etc.

Onto the pictures…

Ingredients and parchment lined (and buttered) pan:

Mixing and folding in the oats/peanuts – I always fold in so that I don’t overmix the dough

All in the pan (2 cups reserved for later):

Making the delicious chocolate filling:

Ingredients in the double boiler –

Melted –

Nuts and raisins all mixed in… somehow I missed a pic of just the filling spread (oops!)

Topped with reserved dough – ready to bake!

All baked

Cooled, cut, and ready to consume πŸ™‚ YUMMY!

Look at ALLLL that chocolate filling! Gotta love the Big Red Monster wine in the back, which is fantastic I might add.

I hope everyone else had a great time making these!

Next up… Cocoa-Nana Bread – and I HATE bananas. My husband is lucking out, as this is one of the few times I will bake with bananas.


4 Responses to “TWD – Oatmeal Chocolate Almost Candy Bars”

  1. Mimi Says:

    Nice job with the process picture. My kids loved these, I’m sure they will be a hit at your school.

  2. Lauryn Says:

    Great photos!! And the bars look like they really came out beautifully!! BTW, that gingerbread house you made in UNREAL!!! Very impressive!!!

    • carly71722 Says:

      Thanks so much Lauryn! The key to beautiful bars is to chill them before cutting πŸ™‚

      My husband is the master behind the gingerbread house. Without him, not sure it would have come out so well.

  3. Leslie Says:

    Great photos! I went with the parchment sling, too, and it does make cutting them so much easier. I LOVE your idea to cut them diagonally…I am going to steal that one!

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