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Cupcakes Galore! February 7, 2010

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So, after the disaster of last weekend’s cupcakes (which tasted good I heard) I decided to try out a few more that didn’t require piped frosting 🙂 I offer baked goods up as an incentive to my class for completing homework – the classes earn points for each person who does all their homework for the week. Well, one of my classes earned some baked goods this week and they requested cupcakes. I had already planned on making one other variety for my husband to take to work, so it was cupcakes x 3 for me! All three varieties are from the Elinor Klivans Cupcakes! book.

Batch #1 was her Butter Cake with Sticky Fudge Frosting. They are a very rich buttery cupcake with a frosting made of chocolate, butter, salt, and sweetened condensed milk. I dipped the cooled cupcakes into the frosting. Once the frosting firmed up a little, I used a butter knife to slather on another layer. Here’s how they turned out (still dripping after round 2 of frosting).

I couldn’t stop eating the frosting!  There was far more than enough for the dozen cupcakes. You will see below how I utilized the leftovers 🙂

Batch #2 was Mississippi Mud Cupcakes. These were Klivans’ sour cream chocolate cupcakes with crushed Oreos and chocolate chips on the bottom and top. After cooling you are supposed to drizzle melted chocolate on top, but I chose to use my leftover sticky chocolate frosting with good results. I lost one cupcake along the way… when I pulled it out of the pan the top broke off. Well, at least I got to taste one, usually I just give them all away! Also, the recipe said it was supposed to make 18 cupcakes. I had lots of leftover batter, so I mixed in some mini chocolate chips and dried cherries and made a dozen mini cupcakes. Here they are on the cooling rack, and then again with the frosting drizzled.

Batch #3 was Vanilla Cheesecake Crunch Topped Cupcakes. These are her yellow cake cupcakes with a lemony vanilla cheesecake on top (has lemon zest and juice) and  a brown sugar, flour, and butter crunch topping. They are made in jumbo muffin tins. This was the only recipe of the day that actually yielded what it said it would! No leftover batter or frosting this time 🙂 Here they are in the pan, and then on the cooling rack.

There will definitely be a happy crowd at Joe’s work tomorrow, and some happy students in my class.

I also went to a meeting to potentially bake for a local farmers market. I am so excited and I hope hope hope that I get in! They of course typically look for produce and meat farmers over bakers, but you never know. Lets just keep our fingers crossed!

Have any of you tried to sell your baked goods at a farmers market? How did it work out? How did you know how much to bring each week and how much to sell them for? Thanks!

TWD baking was done this weekend as well (more goodies for Joe to bring to work), but will be posted on Tuesday naturally!


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