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Quick Pics – Mascarpone Brownies February 16, 2010

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I had some leftover mascarpone cheese (you’ll see why eventually!) and I didn’t want it to go to waste. So, I made these Mascarpone Brownies today and stashed them in the freezer for Joe to bring to work next week. They came out dense, fudgy, rich… everything that a good brownie is, at least in my book. I used the ganache recipe as well, but doctored it up to make it an espresso ganache with about 2 tsp instant espresso powder and a splash of Kahlua. Enjoy the pics and make the brownies 🙂

I got 24 brownies out of the pan since I knew they would be rich:

Side view – the only way to see all the fudgy goodness and ganache layer! Sorry it’s a little blurry, still not great with the camera yet!

Hope you all enjoyed your President’s Day. I know I enjoyed the day off 🙂

Next up…
I’m skipping TWD this week because I worked on my Daring Bakers Challenge all week, but I’ll be back in action the following week.
I have half a large can of pumpkin, so I think some Pumpkin Apple Bread is in order ASAP!

Any fun Valentine’s stories to share? I spent mine alone (no worries, I don’t like V-Day) since naturally the chef had to work all weekend. We did have a GREAT dinner out with my daddy on Friday for sushi!


7 Responses to “Quick Pics – Mascarpone Brownies”

  1. Leroy Says:

    Hmmmm, I didn’t notice any of those in the fridge!

  2. Ashley Says:

    Oh my oh my!!!! YUM!! I love how your desserts are layered. So pretty!! Do you use the macro setting on your camera?

    • carly71722 Says:

      Uhhhh… what’s the macro setting??? haha What does the icon look like? I am REALLY bad with the camera, obviously!

      • Ashley Says:

        Oh dear!!! 🙂 It’s in the manual settings and it’s the picture of the flower. It helps take really UP close shots without the blur! Test it out and see what you think. Email me if you want some quick tips for shooting with a point n’ shoot!

  3. Trainerpack Says:

    Yep they def look rich and tasty!

  4. Carrie C. in VA Says:

    I made these this week after reading your blog and my husband said “whoa! OMG these are the best brownies I have ever eaten!” and I agree with him. They are amazing!

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