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Pumpkin Apple Bread and Compost Cookie Disaster/Redo February 20, 2010

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On Wednesday I made my favorite pumpkin apple bread. I made a change so that I could enter it into a contest! I would post the recipe, but for the sake of the contest (and the $500 I could win) I would rather not at this point 🙂 The recipe makes 2 loaves – in my house that means one to eat immediately and one for the freezer. Here are some pics of me making this delicious quick bread.

Dry ingredients:

Wet Ingredients – premixed, then whisked:

If I haven’t mentioned this, I am OBSESSED with pumpkin!!! I could seriously eat it straight out of the can.

Wet ingredients added  to a well in the dry bowl:

Gently whisked together – lumps are good 🙂

Delicious Pink Lady apple peeled, chopped, added and folded in! My second favorite kind of apple (just behind Jazz)

I used a scale to make sure that the pans were filled evenly. Then I popped them in the oven for about an hour. I let them cool in the pan for about a half hour and then cooled them on a wire rack until completely cooled.

I find that the best way to freeze any bread (quick bread, yeast bread, etc) is to wrap it first in press and seal, then in foil, then a freezer bag. I know that’s a lot of stuff, but the bread stays perfect, thaws perfect, and tastes fresh!

Before I get onto my disaster of today, I thought I’d at least share some real food once again. I promise, even with all of these baked goods, I eat super healthy!!!  I actually rarely eat my goods. I sample the dough as I work to make sure its okay, but the finished product goes to work with Joe 95% of the time. Occasionally I’ll stash a cookie in the freezer and save it for Cookie Friday 🙂 The pumpkin bread on the other hand is actually fairly healthy and has made a delicious dessert this week! Dinner from earlier this week: pinto bean burger made with corn, red pepper, serrano chili and some spices on an arnold thin with 1/2 a Laughing Cow and some BBQ sauce; a pickle; and roasted brussels sprouts and kale. SOOOOO delicous!  Excuse the bite out of the pickle, I think that happened straight out of the jar.

Onto the disaster…. I tried to make these Compost Cookies. I followed the directions TO A T because so many people apparently had problems with them. I made the dough yesterday, chilled it for several hours, weighed it out, chilled the dough balls overnight. I baked them straight from the refrigerator and this is what happened…

Beautiful dough balls:

Baked mess – flat, almost burnt, ugly as heck:

So what did I to for redemption? First….

Then I tried to increase the oven temp (my oven is funny) and got BETTER results…. still not good:

Batch 3 at least looks edible:

I was making these cookies for my students since they earned them (its a reward system in my classroom). However I didn’t end up with enough that were presentable. Inevitably, those will go to work with Joe on Monday. For the kids, I used my tried and true favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and added in the compost goods – potato chips, fritos, pretzels, butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, heath bar. They of course came out perfect:

I’m just happy I have something edible to give the kids on Monday. It’s for my honors class and they are such hard workers. They truly deserve delicious cookies! For the rest of the day I am making my TWD cookies and tomorrow I’m making Herb Beer Bread. I’ll post both together on Tuesday!  In the mean time, I’m just prepping myself mentally for my first week of half marathon training!!! I did an awesome 6.3 mile run today, and it really got me psyched 🙂

Question to end with: What do you do with messed up baked goods? Try to salvage, or get pissed like me and feed them to the trash can?


One Response to “Pumpkin Apple Bread and Compost Cookie Disaster/Redo”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Hey girl. Love this post! Especially your question at the end..”or get pissed like me and feed them to the trash can?” lol…it varies with me. If it’s edible I keep them around for a few days but end up ditching most. However, like with trial #2 + #3 of my graham cracker experimenting…those went straight to the can 😉 I am also OBsessed with pumpkin….wish we lived closer to each other!! Good luck w/the contest, that recipe looks like a winner!

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