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TWD – Honey Wheat Cookies + Garlic-Herb Beer Bread February 23, 2010

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After the disaster that was compost cookies, it actually turns out that those were the favorite cookies that my husband brought to work on Monday. I hated the way they looked, but apparently they tasted delicious. My students liked my modified version as well, SCORE! This weekend I also made my TWD cookies – Honey Wheat Cookies. They smelled so delicious and fresh. These cookies contain both lemon and honey, which almost smelled like a cup of tea when paired with the nutty wheat bran. Not surprising, Dorie even states that these cookies are best enjoyed with a hot cup of tea. I might also add that the dough tasted AMAZING!!!! As I have mentioned before, I like the dough more than the baked cookies, so this was definitely an appealing part of the cookie 😉

Well, the cookies start off by combining the dry ingredients – which I weighed. I have been trying to do this with most recipes lately so that I can get more consistent results. Dorie also has you take lemon zest and mix it in with the sugar using your fingers. Smelled SOOOO good! I love love love the scent of lemon.

Cream the lemon sugar and butter – seriously, butter just makes cookies taste 1000000000 times better than anything else!

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Adding and mixing the honey. Honey has such an awesome sweet smell!

There was also some vanilla, eggs, and the dry mix (in two additions) – I’ll spare the photos since they all look the same. After all of the mixing, the dough got chilled for several hours (3-4?) wrapped in some plastic wrap.

Once thoroughly chilled, the fun/interesting part. I used a cookie scoop (2 tsp) to get even dough balls. The dough balls are then rolled in more wheat bran, placed on the baking sheet (with parchment of course), and flattened gently before baking.

There’s a little dough ball hiding in that bowl of wheat bran:

These baked for about 12 minutes for me (my oven is a pain and can’t maintain temp well). Here are some of the finished product:

Sorry about the bad lighting on that last one 😦 According to Joe’s staff, they were really good, soft, light, but not as good as the compost cookies/blobs. Go figure, people love sweet and salty 🙂

I also made some awesome garlic-herb beer bread that I first saw on my friend Ashley’s blog from her 24, 24, 24 post on Foodbuzz.I love awesome bread with soup, so beer bread was on the menu to go with some white bean chicken chili. I modified the recipe some (as you will see at the end there was some red pepper in there). I have parent teacher conferences tomorrow night, so I made chili aiming to have leftovers when I get out of work at 9 PM! Anyway, here are some pics of the beer bread making and the pot of chili.

Goods in the bowl – check  out those yummy herbs (Oregano, Dill, Thyme, Rosemary, Garlic)!

Mixed together

New Castle, in the bottle and mixed into a VERY stiff dough!

In the pan, before and after baking:

Cooling on the Rack:

If you haven’t had beer bread, its definitely one to try. It’s almost biscuity in texture – crunchy top, soft inside. This one was super tasty. I made it with half all-purpose and half whole-wheat flour. We have devoured 1/2 the loaf, and the other half is hanging out in the freezer for when I make soup again this weekend. Here’s the chili, SOOOOO yum!!!! Even better the next day too, as most chili is. Can’t wait to have another bowl tomorrow night 🙂

Now I’m off to make dinner with Joe. We are making a pasta recipe from this month’s cooking light with asparagus, pancetta, pine nuts, etc.

I love pasta, but I hate how calorie-dense it is. Whenever I make pasta I use this trick to keep the calories down a little – reduce the amount of pasta (3 oz for two of us) and add extra veggies to bulk it up. I never miss the extra noodles and LOVE the added veg. Tonight we are adding spinach and cannellini beans. I think mushrooms would be good too, but we had some of those last night and they are in the asian dish I’m making tomorrow.

Any tricks you use to make pasta healthier???

This week will be light on the baking. I’m testing out a new brownie idea. AND…. Joe and I are taking a cake decorating class on Sunday that we won!!! I’ll post some pics of both this weekend 🙂


4 Responses to “TWD – Honey Wheat Cookies + Garlic-Herb Beer Bread”

  1. Kayte Says:

    Great photos! I love it when I get to see the whole process of something. Your cookies look great. I loved these, they were the perfect match with a cup of tea as the lemon and honey were built right into the cookie. What a deal!

    • carly71722 Says:

      Thanks so much! I like showing the process because when I first started baking I was unsure as to what everything SHOULD look like. I hope that it helps new bakers 🙂 Glad you liked the cookies too, they were definitely not one I would have picked out from the book, but so happy I was able to make them!

  2. That bread sounds awesome. i’m going to have to try it soon!

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