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Hodge Podge of Life March 28, 2010

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Well, I’m officially on Spring Break! Seriously… it couldn’t have come sooner, as my students were getting extremely restless. Before the weekend even hit I made two awesome things of note: Chipotle Hummus and Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting. Here are both:

I’m really trying to get better at cake decorating, and I think this batch of cupcakes came out MUCH better than previous attempts. Joe and I are going to practice tomorrow since he took vacation this week too! My kids RAVED about the cupcakes. They were from Cupcakes! by Elinor Klivans, and the frosting was a chocolate swiss meringue buttercream – hence why they are so glossy. I am now obsessed with swiss meringue ever since the cake decorating class I took a short while back. I am planning on testing my skills again for an easter cake – chocolate cake, amaretto cream filling, mocha frosting. Of course I’ll post when completed.

On the hummus… OUTSTANDING!!! I have decided that it is so much cheaper and more fun to make my own hummus. This was initiated when I made the Honey Curry Hummus that Ashley created. Here is the recipe (as best as I can remember)

Chipotle Hummus
2 large garlic cloves, coarsely chopped
1 (15 oz) can chickpeas
2 Tbsp tahini
1 Tbsp olive oil
lemon juice from 1/2 a lemon
1 Tbsp adobo sauce from a can of chipotle in adobo
1 chipotle pepper (from can), coarsely chopped
1 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp Mapuche seasoning (from whole foods and absolutely awesome)
salt to taste
cracked black pepper to taste
water as needed
In a food processor, process everything but the water. You will need to scrape down the bowl and reprocess several times to smooth it out. Add water as needed (I used about 3 Tbsp) to thin it out to desired consistency. Store in the fridge. Tastes even better after it has sat overnight and the flavors have blended.

I also came up with some ideas for the farmers market. I decided that I need to have signature offerings each week, plus a few specials. I want to have 3 drop cookies, 2 bar cookies, and a brownie each week that remain fairly consistent, a muffin to change by the week, at least one gluten-free item (I’ll start with one and then decide if more is needed based on demand), and one special item of the week which can be pretty much anything from cookies to bars to quickbread to biscotti to pie, etc. I also want to work on making homemade lavash crackers as well. I made it my goal to create a new bar cookie this weekend since my favorite bar can’t be sold under the Cottage Foods law. It is a cheesecake bar, and I’m not allowed to sell products that need to be kept refrigerated. So, I came up with a combination of my favorite cheesecake bar and the traditional 7 layer cookies. They got great reviews from my husbands colleagues, but I still think they need a LITTLE tweaking. They also need a fun name 🙂 Here’s what they look like:

Clearly they differ from traditional 7 layer bars, but they do have some components the same. I’ll share more info on them when I finalize the recipe. I just LOVE creating my own recipes! In the words of Joe’s colleagues – Carly can take foods I don’t usually like and make me love them in her baked goods. I appreciated the compliment!

Two other exciting things from this weekend:
1. We got the puppy!  Here is a cute pic of Molly and Sawyer together. His first reaction to her was positive. He kept trying to play with her and push her around. It was cute.

2. I ran 8.54 miles today!  It felt great. My knees are feeling sooooo much better now that I keep running longer distances and icing them.

Here is my Garmin post-run. I am proud of the time – 8:32 min miles! If you are a runner and don’t have a Garmin… GET ONE!!!!  Best running tool ever 🙂

This week will be absolutely filled with baking – I really want to get on finalizing farmers market details over my break. So, expect quite a few posts. I already made my TWD Coconut Tea Cake, but of course that will be posted on Tuesday.

Any ideas on what I can call my 7 layer bars? Hint – they have dried cherries in them if that helps????


5 Responses to “Hodge Podge of Life”

  1. poiseinparma Says:

    Hurray for puppies, long runs and yummy baked goods! What about cherry blossom bars, in honor of the season? What farmers market do you sell at – i would love to come and buy some goodies!

    • carly71722 Says:

      I will be selling at the geauga fresh farmers market. It opens May 22!!! On 306 and Bell Rd. in S. Russell. Definitely stop by. First two weeks are plants and bakery, after that produce will be there too!

  2. allijag Says:

    o.m.g! I love this post for 2 reasons – 1 – the FABULOUS decorating job you did on those cupcakes, seriously looks professional! 2 – THE PUPPY! omg I’m going to come over and steal both of them tonight! So glad the reaction to the new one was positive! Can’t wait for more pictures! 🙂

    • carly71722 Says:

      Thanks Allison! They puppies are definitely adjusting well 🙂 But you may NOT steal them… haha! Congrats on your run yesterday, I’m proud that you finished even with all of the struggles!

  3. Barbara Says:

    Thanks for all of the great ideas…….they are inspirational !

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