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New Post to Come… July 9, 2010

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So, the reason why I haven’t posted in a while is because my personal life has had quite a few turns in the past month that I couldn’t really talk about on the blog. I have kinda kept to myself until I made some important decisions so that I can feel comfortable with the general public reading about my thoughts, opinions, and my life in general. To put it bluntly, I quit my teaching job today. Teaching just doesn’t make me happy. During the school year, when Sunday rolls around I find myself making a task list of things NOT related to school to keep me occupied and my mind away from school. In fact, this blog was one of my outlets to keep me busy. If I focused too much on school, I found myself crying out of unhappiness and just dreading my next day of work. So, for once in my life I have taken a risk, strayed from the safety of a salary and excellent benefits to pursue what makes me happy. I know that baking is what makes me happy, its just finding the road to get me there that I’m after now. With all this said… the staff and principals at my school are without a doubt some of the greatest people that I have worked with. I feel that by quitting I have let them down, but I know that I will be happier in the future because of my decision. With that being said, expect a lot more posts now that I have figured out my life a little bit more 🙂


6 Responses to “New Post to Come…”

  1. poiseinparma Says:

    Sending a big hug your way lady. I completely understand where you are coming from. Do what makes you happy. Everything will work itself out in the end. Much love from the South side your way 🙂

  2. Heather Says:

    Good for you! The hardest decision is doing what’s best for yourself. It just means you’re a good person that you considered everyone else’s feelings first.

  3. Mina Says:

    The hardest part is behind you now! Looking forward to hearing about your new adventure!

  4. Ashley Says:

    Congrats!!! I’m so excited for you. It is really hard to make that final decision but you will be so much happier that you did. Good luck with everything!! Are you going to be in CO this summer? I forget..if so, I hope we can get together. Sorry we missed each other in OH. It sucks going through all the stress of making that decision…I can relate with our big move out to CO and quitting my job but it just doesn’t make sense to spend such a big chunk of your life being unhappy. Way to go girlie!! ❤

  5. Nancy MacDonald Says:

    Carly, I am sorry to hear that you are not going to be at Wiley next year but I am very happy for you that you have decided to follow your dreams and do something that you have a passion for. Sometimes I wish that I could do the same. Good luck with everything and I will continue to follow your posts to see how everything is going:)

  6. This was obviously a giant decision… and a gutsy one. Good luck with your baking pursuits. Since I personally tasted your goods, I KNOW you are incredibly talented. You can do it!!

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