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Need a Good Cardio Workout? January 20, 2011

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On days that I don’t lift and just do cardio, I aim for 50-60 minutes. I LOVE intervals. I used to love treadmill intervals in particular, but with my foot problems I still haven’t gotten back on the treadmill. I actually haven’t run at all since September 12, the day of my half-marathon stress fracture. It is feeling almost 100% and I am planning on trying to run for like 5-10 minutes on February 1. It started feeling great at the end of December, so I figured another month of non-impact cardio would only help it to get even better.

Anyway… since I haven’t been running I have had to get more creative with my elliptical and AMT workouts. Again, I love intervals, and I find that interval workouts are the only way my heart rate gets in the 75 – 85% range. So, I though I would share my favorite elliptical workout. I have two versions, one easier and one harder. I adjusted the easier workout when it got too easy for me – hence the harder version. Try them, get your butt kicked, and let me know how you like it 🙂

I use a Precor elliptical – either with the arms or without. I choose one of the crosstrain programs which changes heights, or if I’m at my parents’ house, their elliptical has a random program that also changes heights. You will be in charge of the resistance changes. Here they are in PDF for easy printing 🙂

Carly’s Butt Kicking EllipticalWorkout

Carly’s Butt Kicking EllipticalWorkoutHarder

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