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Life Update – Where Have I Been?!?! March 10, 2011

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Sorry for the serious lack of posting in the last month and a half. Since then my life has taken a few crazy turns and I will be back to blogging more regularly in April. Here’s what’s been happening….

1. Joe and I both got in car accidents in January – we are both 100% ok, but the cars are a different story. His was totaled, we got a new car, and the night we signed for the new car I got in an accident in the new car. Thank you icy Cleveland roads. Luckily we both just hit the median/guard rail and no other cars were involved… and we were NOT hurt!

2. I found a new job as a personal trainer!  Great stuff, but that had me working 2 jobs for about the past month while I phase out of the old job. I’ve been teaching a bunch of boot camp style classes and loving it. But, I will be leaving this job because…..

3. I AM MOVING TO ARIZONA!!!!! The long and short of it… Joe and I have wanted to move there for about 3 years. A year and a half ago Joe expressed interest to his company about moving out there with no real response. So, sometime in February Joe heard that a new restaurant in his company was opening in Tucson in June. So, he put in for a transfer and also expressed interest in their two Phoenix area stores if something was to come available there. Tucson was a go (as a Sous Chef), but then he heard back from corporate that there was an Executive Chef opening in Gilbert, AZ. He got an official offer for the position on February 28th with a start date of March 28th! YIKES! A 2000 mile move in less than a month! We are beyond excited though because my brother and sister-in-law live in Scottsdale with their daughter and soon to be 2nd daughter (due on March 19th), and my parents have a vacation home out there as well. Plus… NO SNOW!  Seriously!?!? This winter has not treated us well, so definitely an added perk. So, packing, getting the house ready to sell, and still working full time has definitely pushed blogging to the bottom of my priority list.

Thank you all for still checking out the blog and I promise a good post once we are settled in our new apartment!  Speaking of, I am headed out for 4 days next week to find said apartment. We officially fly out of Cleveland on the 23rd!

If any of you are in the Phoenix area, let me know!  I definitely need to find some new peeps out there 🙂